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6 Unexpected Ways Meditation Can Transform Your Life transform your life with meditation


There are so many benefits to practicing meditation on a regular basis. Aside from helping alleviate stress and bringing calm to your life, there are some not-so-obvious advantages. I’ve put together a list of the unexpected ways in which meditation has transformed my life. I hope they can do the same for you - check it out now!

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How To Open Your Root Chakra For More Wealth In 7 Steps unblock your root chakra


Are you struggling to attract more money and abundant opportunities into your life, despite doing everything you can? Did you know the key to your success and attracting more wealth could be hidden inside your Root Chakra? Discover here how to heal and unblock your Root Chakra for unlimited wealth!

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A Different Look At The Sword In The Stone sword and stone


I'm sure there's been a time in your life where something didn't go as planned and you said, “it just wasn't meant to be.” A time where you let fate take its course without hesitation or regret. So do you believe you have the power to change your destiny, or do you believe fate has designed your life to be a certain way? On this week's blog, published author Michael Fletcher gives his insight on the powers of the universe. Check it out now!

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Repeating Numbers: Is the Universe Trying to Tell You Something? Matrix


Do you consistently see number sequences? Many people believe this is not a coincidence, but rather, the Universe’s (or angels’) mysterious way of trying to tell you something. Discover here the meaning behind some of the most common numbers many people tend to see.

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7 Energy Healing Teas to Naturally Vitalize and Nourish your Body and Soul tea


The ancient art of herbal tea is still one of the most common at-home remedies for body and soul nourishment. From a sneaky cold to chronic health issues, these versatile teas have many different benefits. Discover which type of tea is best for healing a particular Chakra.

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The Journey to Inner Peace - Are You a Spiritual Shopper? holding a butterfly


When you feel lost or uncertain in an area of your life, do you find yourself looking for answers outside yourself, or do you seek within? Do you go ‘soul searching’ or ‘spiritual shopping’ to figure out why things are the way they are? Transformational coach Suzie de Jonge reveals what it means to be a ‘spiritual shopper’ and how once you learn to seek inside yourself, you can positively impact your choices, your relationships, and your life!

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Giving the Gift of Kindness: 4 Tips to Get Started Today! giving kindness through flowers


Giving the gift of kindness is one of the best things we can share with the world, and it can be as simple as smiling at a stranger or saying gentle things to yourself. This real-life inspirational story will show you how a simple act of kindness can make a huge, newsworthy impact on our world. Plus, enjoy four tips to learn how you can give the gift of kindness and inspire others to do the same.

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6 Ways Busy People Can Enjoy The Benefits Of Meditation (Without Actually Meditating) Swans swimming on a lake


Does the thought of meditating make you nervous? Do you find it difficult to sit down, close your eyes, and keep your mind focused? These 6 simple daily activities can help you enjoy the benefits of meditation, without actually meditating.

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