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How To Bring More Positive Energy Into Your Home

How To Bring More Positive Energy Into Your Home


Home is where the heart is, and these days, home is probably where you’re spending most of your time. Many of us are working from home, exercising at home, cooking more at home, etc., so making sure you are only keeping loving, uplifting, and positive energy inside your home is the best way to keep your vibrations high.

Sometimes with the ups and downs of everyday life, especially during these new and uncertain times, we could accidentally be sitting in bad energy all day. And whether we can feel it or not, being surrounded by bad energy can often lead to stress, anxiety, and not being as productive as we’d like.

So creating a space at home that is inspiring, uplifting, and filled with love is actually a lot easier than you may think. It’s a matter of learning how to remove negative energy by intentionally welcoming positive energy. And it just so happens you can achieve this in many different ways that I’d like to share with you today. So are you ready to positively boost and improve home and work-life balance? Well, here are some tips for creating a positive, uplifting environment right at home.

Can you smell the serenity?

Often times, positivity starts with our mood, and infusing your home with relaxing scents and fragrances is one of the easiest ways to create a calming, relaxed, zen-like environment. So, you see, the secret is to first activate the senses.

Essential Oil and Diffuser

So perhaps it’s time to light up your favorite scented candle or fill your essential oil diffuser with the most relaxing, aromatic scents to set the mood. And keeping these items near your workspace is also a plus, as the calming energy can have huge benefits on productivity.

What’s your color block?

Just like how the colors of our primary chakras represent a different type of vibrational frequency in the body, the colors that appear inside your home can also have an impact on your vibration. You see, not everything is black and white, and there is plenty to explore concerning the link between color perception and emotion, so designing your home with colors that speak to your own inner feelings and desires, is a fun and refreshing way to welcome positive energy.

Colorful Couch and Room

This is called designing with intention. So everything from the colors of the walls to your decorative pillows, take note of what hues ignite certain emotions within you to make sure your space is emotionally charged with positivity.

When was the last time you smudged your home?

Burning Sage

Burning sage – also known as smudging – is another great place to start to create a home oasis filled only with positive energy. This is a ritual practiced by many to help cleanse and remove negative energy from any physical environment or object, making space for positive, healing energy. This powerful ancient practice has the ability to banish the hidden negative energy we may be surrounding ourselves with every day in our homes.

The great indoors?

Many times, it’s the activities we practice outdoors that have the power to bring calm into our lives. Things like going for a hike or a walk in the park can have an incredible impact on not only our physical health but our mental health too.

Wall of Various Indoor Plants

So by spending time in nature, you are opening yourself up to endless benefits like reduced stress, increased happiness, and feeling grounded and that much more connected to the earth.

But during these challenging times, our access to the outdoors may be somewhat limited. So when you bring the outdoors inside, with items like flowers and house plants, you are increasing the positive energy that lives inside your home. And you don’t have to have a green thumb to welcome in the outdoors. There are tons of low-maintenance plants that thrive indoors as well.

Time to go “au naturel”?

Similar to the use of house plants, incorporating natural materials in your home is also another great way to create your peaceful indoor oasis. Swap out plastics for natural materials like wood and stone to help maintain a calming ambiance.

Wood Cutting Board and Utensils

And there’s no need to knock down any walls or gut your entire kitchen, you can achieve this with simple and easy swaps like woven baskets, wooden utensils / serveware, or natural-fiber rugs and blankets. Even consider found objects, like seashells or driftwood from the beach to spruce up your home.

Do you need space?

Sometimes the pile-up and accumulation of “stuff” can impact our mood, leading to things like stress and procrastination. But decluttering even just your workspace can open up the positive energy in your environment.

Organized Clothes on Clothing Rack

So maybe it’s time to finally go through that stack of papers sitting on your desk or declutter your closet because even just the smallest amount of order can bring a sense of peace and ease inside your home.

Did you know that a little feng shui goes a long way?

And you can even take getting organized a step further by rearranging your workspace or furniture. You see, a little feng shui can go a long way when it comes to creating an uplifting, positively charged work environment.

Clean and Simple Living Room

This mindful practice is used to highlight the interconnectedness between everyone and everything, so naturally, positivity has no choice but to thrive in this kind of environment. There really is an art to this, so take it one step at a time and one room at a time to create the perfectly balanced home environment.

And while we’re on the topic of creating zen at home, if you want to learn even more about removing negative energy and even inviting more abundance into your life, I highly recommend our Free Flow Meditation. Don’t cheat yourself on the positivity and bliss in life you deserve! Because when it comes to living life on purpose, it’s usually our stubborn blocks that get in the way. So with this energy clearing system, you’ll notice things like improved emotions, inner breakthroughs, and how to break free from unwanted habits, guiding you towards the positive, peaceful life you desire.



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