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– Karen Schwab


Latest Episodes

113: When No Looks Like Yes with Nischa Phair

Researcher, trauma-informed sex-educator, founder of SomaBody Trauma-Informed Pleasure Work, and author of the book Fawn: When No Looks Like Yes, Nischa Phair, is educating us on fawning – when we sacrifice our authenticity to gain affection – and its detriment to our relationships. As an abusive relationship survivor, Nischa dives into the influence of stress triggers on the body, plus the impacts of toxic dating culture, and how we can learn to take back control of our sexuality.

112: The Unicorn In You with Josh Kramer

Author of The Unicorn in You: A Path to Peace and Joy, Josh Kramer, takes the "unself help" approach to navigating life and better understanding ourselves. He is teaching us how to take the emphasis off of "self" to get to a place of peace and joy, and teaches us the 5 foundational life principles we can use to come to terms with our emotions and help us move forward in life. So get ready for the shift in perspective you didn't know you needed!

111: Aromatic Alchemist with Allison Stillman

Acclaimed Aromatic Alchemist, author, and evolutionary change-maker Allison Stillman has been a student of aromatherapy, alchemy, and spirituality for 40 years. In this episode, she's sharing why now is the time to release our old programming and what's no longer serving us, and step into the goddess chapter of our lives. Plus, she reveals the unique ways infusing essential oils and aromatherapy into our days can help to improve our emotional and behavioral centers, enhancing our connection to t

110: Modern Merlin with Lon

Sacred geometry artist and author of the book Modern Merlin, Lon, is offering readers a brand new paradigm of learning to embrace the multi-dimensional energy that naturally exists within all of us. So if you've ever been labeled as "over-sensitive" in your life, Lon is providing you with the tools you can use to tap into and embrace what she refers to as intuitive gifts. Get ready because after reading her book, you'll see why you don't have to stifle your natural abilities any longer.

109: Making Sense of Menopause with Susan Willson

Certified nurse-midwife and menopause expert Susan Willson has been working with women for over 40 years. And her new book Making Sense of Menopause is helping women answer one very important question: What kind of menopause do you want to experience? In this podcast episode, she’s giving us the most honest and grounded insight on why menopause doesn’t have to be as scary as we’re predisposed to believe.

108: Financial Coaching with Amy Scott

Certified financial coach Amy Scott wants to know if the way you are spending now is in alignment with what's really important to you. In this episode, she's breaking down the common pitfalls couples run into surrounding not only money but also the important money conversations we should be having sooner than later. So whether you're single or in a relationship, Amy is here to help you take control of your finances to live a life with increased prosperity.